Most sensative part of the penis



Mezirg 1 year ago
Hello beautiful bitch . do you want to suck my cock? Do you want two sketches on the face? Write my name on the tits and post photos or videos on your profile for my load opening my mouth! Get the lipstick write my name! Do not waste time . if you are interested you can send photos or videos as an alternative to my email . Kisses kikkor70
Shaktitaxe 1 year ago
Do you get as far as NYC in your travels?
Nelar 1 year ago
I’m so good at casual interrogation that I have their entire life story, hopes, dreams and aspirations within the first hour. Funny enough, by the time I get to the bottom of my cup of tea, they’re pretty much in love with me already XD
Mokasa 1 year ago
No. People just need to read and stop assuming shit.

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