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The Proco Vintage Rat Pedal The Prodigal Pedal As in the story of the prodigal , this pedal has been in some filthy places… Although this is not the pedal that was stolen from me in That one was in pristine condition, made in LM , I found this similar ProCo Vintage Rat Reissue at a steal of a price on the e-bay. I spent the first moments feeling the weight of the steel, and looking inside at the circuit board. I missed the pedal, even if there is no LED to the reissue. It smelled like old dude. The pedal has had some rust on the pedal switch, so I brushed out the circuit board for fun. Dating this by serial number seems to be a trivial effort by the looks of the boards out there. I did run across some great resources here and here that helped me to find out exactly which model and year this was made by considering the date of the potentiometers. The number on the pot is R , and as the 4th and 5th numbers are the date of manufacture, this one was made in The board itself holds an inscription: Sounds The sound of this Rat, when I played it back in was something else.

How Guitar Pedals Work

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Buy a Riot Reloaded here When you think of a pedal like the Suhr Riot Reloaded, modern worship music might not be the first thing that comes to mind. This pedal was made to do one thing: We think that the Riot and similar pedals can actually have a very useful place in modern worship music. Check out the video above for our thoughts and sound samples from the Riot Reloaded. Controls and layout The Riot Reloaded gives you three controls: Distortion Tone Volume There is also a 3-way toggle switch that changes the voicing of the pedal.

Classic tone: Dogs

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However, over the last decade or so, the MIMs has gotten a considerable face lift and the overall quality is very high.

If you love your vintage Tube Screamer, ProCo Rat, or Fulltone OCD, et. al, please do not rip it off your board thinking that Riverside is a direct clone of one of these fine drive pedals already on the market.

The used the original circuit board layout and used the crucial LM chip. Since I mentioned it is a limited run, they are only producing units total. The pedal has three settings — Distortion, Filter and Volume. There is no LED indicator on this model staying true to the original design. Distortion controls the level of distortion to the pedal. Filter smooths out the break up, counter clockwise it will deliver more aggressive top end break up while moving it full clockwise will smooth it out and darken the tone.

Volume will be the overall pedal gain. You can get some nice break up, crunch to fuzz. For this pedal review.. Audio was captured using Shure SM57 microphones to laptop. Hight quality MP3 audio is also available:

ProCo Rat 2 Overdrive Distortion Pedal

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The JHS Pedals ProCo RAT2 Pack Rat Mod takes the previous ProCo RAT distortion pedal to the next level of versatility and organic sounds. JHS has modified the original RAT2 pedal to include a higher quality microchip and improved capacitors that create a more rounded tone and organic response.

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Proco Rat Users?

Thom mainly used the Turbo Rat mainly for low-gain rhythm sounds, relying on other pedals to give him heavier distortion when needed. He eventually sold the second Turbo Rat on eBay in mid-November It was used to offer a second setting for live performance. He had ceased use by Hail To The Thief touring, but had it on his auxiliary board in during the In Rainbows tour.

Possibly used live for Electioneering andThe Tourist. Gain 5, Bass 5, Contour 11, Treble 11, Volume 3:

The Pro Co Rat, built from , initially on a very small scale, was arguably the first stomp box to cross the line from fuzz to high gain valve simulation. Even though it went into commercial production before the end of the s, the Rat remained very much a select, boutique pedal for years.

From these humble origins, the RAT has evolved from a single, hand built prototype into a family of the most versatile and most recorded distortion pedals in the world. Do you want to see how the RAT has evolved? Also, since there is no accurate way of dating a RAT pedal by its serial number alone, this timeline can help you determine the general age your pedal.

All of the holes were hand drilled and were finished in a black crinkle coating with a bright florescent silk-screened logo. Only twelve of these pedal were built, one prototype and eleven production models. To give the RAT a unique look, a custom 20 gauge wrap-around enclosure was designed.

Tube Screamer Alternative: the BB Preamp (Updated Feb 2012)

Bang for buck Overall: This review is about the Pro Co Rat 2. The Pro Co Rat 2 is a distortion and overdrive pedal. The Original Rat goes back to the late ‘s.

The Ultimate Eno Guitar Pedal Clone List September 26, By Alex Kelly Leave a Comment Filed Under: Uncategorized Eno is a company that develops, produces, and markets musical equipment including: stomp boxes, amplifiers, and other accessories.

And you know what, distortions make the volume consistent. Input volume basically affect how “distorted” it’s gonna sound, rather than how loud. So, if you place tremolos before dist, you may get a sound that’s fluctuating between distorted and clean, instead of going up or down in volume. So, my advice is: And the “experiment” part: Wah before or after distortion: Both are usable sounds and there are fans of each.

Compressors before or after distortion: If placed before distortion, your picking dynamics will have little effect on the “distortedness”. And the orders of the distortions: But the reverse could sound quite different. Finally, the order within modulation effects chorus, phasor, trem. To my ears it doesn’t matter, but I’m sure the could be someone more kbowledgble for that.

Pro Co Rat 2 Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal Demo – Sweetwater Sound

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