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Group Dating Startup Ignighter Raises $3 Million

Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th May: Monday 1st – Thursday 4th June: Monday 5th – Thursday 8th July: Monday 10th – Thursday 13th September: Monday 11th – Thursday 14th October: Monday 2nd – Thursday 5th November:

Like Ignighter always says, it’s safer, less awkward, and more fun. And stand up proof. The company will be based in New York City, so if you’re a reader from that area, be sure to look them up.

Among the attendees, who were predominately of Indian descent, was Adam Sachs, a year-old Jewish kid from New Jersey. As it turns out, Sachs’ two-year-old start-up, a group dating website called Ignighter. Sachs and his team were floored. Soon after that meeting, Sachs set out on a mission to explore Ignighter’s most promising demographic. But being able to tell your parents ‘I’m just going out with friends,’ and still be able to meet new people is the right solution.

In March, Sachs traveled to India for a month to set up the company’s new offices in Delhi.

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The amazing value of the Techstars network The amazing value of the Techstars network Kevin Owocki About a year ago, I was given an once-in-a-decade career opportunity: Techstars typically takes a small equity stake in your company in exchange for a small amount of seed money, a summer of office space, mentorship, and connections. While others have written extensively about the value of the Techstars program , from the perspective of their companies, I was in the somewhat different situation of evaluating my decision to leave my corporate job and join Ignighter at Techstars.

Ignighter helps your group of buddies meet other groups for hanging out, dating, etc. Sounds fun, and new features should help. But to become a real business, it’s going to have to grow a lot.

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Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Succession: India’s Changing Business Landscape

It is not meant to be a site like facebook or shaadi. I really hope that this website is not going to turn out be like the rest of the free online chatting sites on the internet which helps you meet random people. You might have heard about the website called as Ignighter. So let me take you through some of the details that you might want to know about StepOut.

Ignighter. 34, likes · 11 talking about this. Safer. Less Awkward. More Fun.

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Group dating sites. Group dating.

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The younger of two sons of a landowning family from the district of Gorakhpur in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Aditya, now 27, had been living at home until after college. Life in Gorakhpur, he says, was uneventful, with few ways to break the monotony. Shy and soft-spoken with deep and expressive eyes, Aditya spent most of his time writing poetry, none of which he showed anybody. For him, writing was the only relief from the tedium, the only hope for beauty. The time had come, he thought, to meet new people and take in the big city.

Someone as shy as he was needed a helping hand—a friend who would lead him past the barricades. While he waited for his phantom guide, his life fell into a familiar pattern:

Ignighter’s Adam Sachs: Making an Impact on India’s Dating — and Start-up — Scene

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Ignighter is launching this week and their first fun launch event is a group date between Obama and Clinton supporters in NYC. If you’re going to be in NYC and .

February 21, In , three young guys in Manhattan started Ignighter. They sought to set themselves apart by enabling members to set up group dates: One member, serving as a point person, could arrange a date – a movie, say, or a picnic in Central Park – with a group of other people and thereby take some of the awkward edge off of typical dates.

During the company’s first year, the three founders – Kevin Owocki, now 26, Daniel Osit, 29, and Adam Sachs, 28 – hustled to get the word out, hosting parties, blitzing college campuses with fliers and doing a big push on Facebook. By the end of , Ignighter. They thought it was a site for orgies,” says Mr. Sachs, who is in charge of business development and media relations for the site. Then, in April , while checking statistics about visitors to the site, Mr.

Osit, who is in charge of marketing, noticed that there was a lot of traffic from Singapore, Malaysia, India and South Korea. And now, with almost two million users – and 7, more signing up daily – Ignighter is considered India’s fastest-growing dating Website. To put it another way, it gets as many users in a week in India as it did in a year in the United States.

Tinder Social makes group dating easy (CNET Update)

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