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Johnson sprayed Roundup and a similar product, Ranger Pro, at his job as a pest control manager at a San Francisco Bay Area school district, according to his attorneys. He sprayed large quantities from a gallon tank attached to a truck, his attorney, Brent Wisner, told jurors during his opening statement. When the wind was gusty, it would cover his face, Wisner said.

When a hose broke once, it soaked his entire body. Johnson read the label carefully and even contacted the company after developing a rash, but he was never warned it could cause cancer, Wisner said.

Jul 18,  · Remove the screws holding the housing where the throttle trigger is mounted together. Carefully separate the 2 halves. Make notes or take pictures of how the trigger, return spring, and throttle cable are installed inside the housing.

Water level is probably only a metre or so deep. In some areas of Australia certain species of fish may contain ciguatera poison. If you are not familiar with the different species of fish then the photos below will help you identify many of the more common fish caught in W. These are usually issued on the internet so it is a simple matter of doing a search with Google. Put back anything you don’t want, and put it back alive. Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation.

This is caused by the things they eat and builds up to dangerous levels in larger fish. Regional offices in Pt. Looking for great seafood recipes? There are some fish, like toad fish known locally as blowiesthat are highly toxic and can kill people if they eat them.

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After you hook up the suction side of the primer, the discharge nipple on the primer bulb gets hooked up to the return line on the gas tank. Review: Weed Eater – .

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Food Wild at heart Roslyn Grundy teams up with expert foragers – and discovers a world of wild edible flavours on her doorstep. But during purslane season, Abboud can be found at nearby Edgars Creek, gathering the juicy leaves to make fatayer Lebanese pies. Purslane is not the only leaf that abounds in the suburban parkland. Eddie Jim During a minute stroll, the chef who, with her husband Joseph and business partner John Farha, runs Rumi and the Moor’s Head, fills a shallow basket with small, tender leaves plucked from wild celery, hedge mustard, dandelion, mallow, wild fennel and watercress plants growing on the creek banks.

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This is because attention to detail means consistent fishing, fewer missed bites, fewer dropped fish and most importantly when conditions aren’t ideal and the fish aren’t biting freely, missing out on the dreaded donut. One of the most important things to be particular about is the type and size of hook used, the type of bait used and bait presentaFirstly let’s talk about hooks.

Important sure, but not as important as the bait and it’s presentation. Don’t get too hung up on hooks no pun intended there are plenty of different ones that will work well with luderick. Firstly stick with small sizes when float fishing. Size 8 is a good place to start with size 6 useful for bigger fish. I have heard of many that use size 10 but personally I don’t see any need for a hook that small.

Again this is my opinion and others seem to like the smaller hooks. As a general rule use larger hooks from the ocean rocks and smaller hooks in the estuary. When conditions are clear on the ocean rocks, treat it more like the estuary and use smaller hooks and baits. As far as brands and types go there are some real standouts.

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Worms Tips Cod and yellowbelly are native species of Australia inhabiting many lakes and rivers where they live very close to structure such as sunken timber and rockwalls. Lure fishing is another extremely successful method for catching cod and yellowbelly. The lures used are ones that dive very deep and have a strong swimming action, as with bait fishing it is important to get your lure as close to the snag as possible. Minnow Style Lures These are the lures that look like a small fish with a metal or plastic bib that protrudes from the bottom jaw of the lure, this is what gives the lure its action.

Minnow lures come in a huge range of shapes and sizes aimed at catching a wide range of fish, they are ideal for nearly all trolling and casting purposes. Soft Plastic Lures These lures catch a wide range of fish in fact almost every fish that will eat a hard lure will eat a soft plastic, this is especially so with species such as flathead.

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Green weed, cabbage weed, sometimes yabbies or worms. They are a small mouthed, weed-eating fish caught under a float on a small hook, after a very wary bite. They are also one of the greatest light gear fighters for their size, and require skill to catch. Float fishing is the main technique used and it is preferable to have the line between the rod tip and the float, out of, or on top of the water, therefore heavy lines are out.

Lines with a diameter of between. To enable you to regularly change the depth of your rig, your float is left running on the line as this allows you to quickly adjust your depth and help locate the fish. This free running float rig is compact and can be cast easily. When the rig hits the water, the weight of the sinker and bait will pull the line through the float until the stop is reached, then the weight of the sinker stands the float upright. The size of the float depends on the turbulence of water, but in calm conditions a fine pencil type float is best.

Use a small No. Then a trace of.

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How to Catch Carp in Weeds Ian Hirst looks at one of the most challenging problems of all of those that confront the carp angler — how to be successful when fishing very weedy waters. Now I love fishing weed infested waters. Let me explain my madness. As with any venue, particularly at this time of the year when lots of angling pressure keeps the carp on there guard so to speak that they become more difficult to catch.

Location is one of if not the biggest factor in carp fishing so if your local water has areas of weed that may at first seem unfishable then this is where you should be looking for those telltales signs of fish activity. You will find them wallowing around in the safety of the weed laughing at the poor carp angler who lacks confidence to even attempt to wet a line in this no go area of the lake.

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African olives, or Olea europaea, subspecies cuspidata was first introduced to Australia in the early s as a fast-growing little-effort hedge plant. Boy, it went wild. It now covers extensive areas of the Sydney Basin and has been declared a priority species to be controlled on both government and private land.

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